Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The newest of the Degenerates to this Page

Just would like to say hi and gripe about the new cold weather which replaced my sip everything and bask in the warmth from the beach with carefully hidden bottles of beer. School is rapidly ending, and I'd be less than honest to say I am disappointed.

Somehow I thought this brief spell of wind whipped frigidity would compell me to do more than write compulsively, but now all I do is sit at my computer indoors rather than laying in the grass pounding away at a set of keys. No wonder my friends and family call me their little Carrie Bradshaw.

Anyway, check out my blogs under the title musings on the right side of this page. They might be a bit long, but they're somewhat controversial. If you hate them, I love hearing feed back of any kind. Particularly if I think you are so off base that I laugh uncontrollably. Those are the best so keep them coming. If you agree with me, that's even better, although definitely not as fun. Then again, I could use an ego boost every once in awhile. :)

Take care. Even if you hate my writing, I love you for taking the time to read it.


this is corona and lawn chair type weather. if you're watching tv right now, then you pretty much suck. Why does this weather have to come when school is almost done?

I don't know how people become famous but still, they get paid millions of dollars to be on tv or the silver screen and it's just like there are people starving yet you're making 20 mill a year. that's funny math.

anyway, showering has to happen sometime because i smell

-Andrew Chapin

Sunday, April 22, 2007

another gorgeous day

this is, to say the least, the nicest day of the year. no work is being done, it's just a question of if you're going to the beach or not. ditch the pants even if you have cankles, it's definitely better than sweating. trust me.

anyway, this school doesn't need any more excuses for skipping class but you can add this weather to the laundry list of other valid reasons why kids would choose to skip. i would.

barone still sucks and i'm going to take a shower.

- Andrew Chapin

Thursday, April 19, 2007


it's about time!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Va. Tech and all that has happened this week

Don't get me wrong, there are some sick and twisted individuals out there. Eventually, alot of these people snap and shit like this happens. But we have to ask ourselves, why did Cho Seung-Hui do this?
Seung-Hui was a loner. Nobobdy really cared for this man. Imagine what it would be like to not have a crew, let alone a friend or two to talk with. Wouldn't be much fun.
We have to lend a helping hand to people who don't seem to go with the flow. A simple "hi" or high five goes a long way for those who look lost. People's mental stability is just as important as their physical stability.
My thoughts and prayers go too ALL of the lives lost.

(Full article on Days of Duff blog)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

more rain

it just keeps raining outside and i'm getting a cold. time to go smoke a cig

-Andrew Chapin

Monday, April 16, 2007

what happened?

last night was like a monsoon. visibility was nonexistent. it was a consistent barrage of supersoaker to the face. no clothing was safe in the presence of the relentless gust, spitting in the face of anyone brave enough to venture outside.

Now, it's just a light drizzle which is a bummer for anyone who thought we weren't going to have school today. I had my doubts last night when i couldn't even drive to dunkies to get an iced coffee; post road was completely flooded. But, it looks like i'll be walking to dolan today.

And it wasn't like any work was done yesterday either. when it's that crappy out, you pretty much just stay inside, order in and watch anything that comes on the tv. maybe you catch up on a good read but for some reason, when the weather is as it was yesterday, nothing is accomplished.

my eyes are so itchy from this weather, it's like i have a pink eye. i'm wearing my winter jacket again because it certainly doesn't feel like the 65 of a couple weeks ago. We need that back, the same reason we attend class as we skip it. GIVE ME SUMMER. NOW.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

dripping, depressing day

Running through the quad is a river of the weekend's spoils, adding more and more to its look of overall resort projects. I'm soaked and I'm pretty sure everyone else is too. I should be working on a project but this weather is so disheartening that I'll probably just end up watching a John Cusack movie and hating myself.

Right now, Zep is playing and the wind is blowing so hard that it looks like ocean waves breaking on the ground. It's just another one of those days. And as bad as it sounds, you're screwed either way.

What I mean by this is that on warm days, are you really thinking about class? You want to be but you're not. Then it's so crappy out that you catch the flu walking outside. Which day is more important to take off? That, my friends, is the ultimate college dilemma.

Side comment, but Rage Against the Machine is coming back together for a couple shows. That has the balls written all over it. No Shelter just came on, sorry.

The rainy day might be the worst class of precipitation. Snow, eh, you just don't go anywhere unless you have a good old, gas hog SUV. I wish I did. Rain is frustrating because it brings a strong wind which ultimately means you're walking into a hose spray. And it's cold.

I hate to say it but school's almost over. To me, that means an end to a year that went too fast. I can blink and remember moving in (very, very vaguely). I feel bad for the seniors; there's a lot of good people growing up this year. I won't drag it on, it's a nostalgic departure from the Fairfield nest into a new, uncertain world.

Check out the commentary blog, it'll get going in the next couple of days once all of the content is posted.

Till then, be like the stag and shit in the woods.

-Andrew Chapin