Thursday, November 8, 2007

the business

I almost forgot that we had a blog for a second. So what's been going on? We've been taking in a lot of letters to the editor. Keep them coming; there's no better way to have your opinion reach the widest range of people.

As for the bitches who complain about Dan Stanczyk's "He said" column, JUST GROW UP ALREADY. I'm not saying what he's saying isn't offensive, I'm not even saying it's good writing. What I am saying is for the same reason I can write about Public Safety and FUSA, he can write about whores, Jersey and just overall college experience.

He's making gross generalizations about Fairfield, abstract observations that apply to situations most have been in. Is every girl really a whore at Fairfield? Well, it depends on who you ask. No, seriously they're not. Seriously. Is he a misoginist? Possibilities are boundless, but I highly doubt it.

Stanczyk has won if anyone hasn't realized. He's still writing with the same formula that gets a rise out of people. But while their mouths move as they whine and complain about the column, just like most at Fairfield, they're all talk. They bash The Mirror, they bash Dan; some Fairfield crazy even said that she was advising her tour groups from picking up The Mirror. Nobody is willing to make a difference.

If people really cared that much about "He said" they would come to The Mirror office to discuss it with the editors. Until then, I've got two words for ya...


Thursday, November 1, 2007

it's been a long time

well i pretty much forgot about the blog probably just as you did.

now it's time to get back on track. we're revamping the print section, trying new layouts, diversifying stories and just having a tighter package. it's a fine read if you're on the toilet, in the living room or the classroom.

and the blog will get better. if not, tell me it sucks at and we'll work it.

great section this week, come to the meetings if you want to write, especially for commentary.

Enjoy the weekend

- Andrew Chapin